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The first week of July our AC Unit stopped working. We contacted HMS to open our first claim.

The company they provided us to work with had a phone number with a voicemail box that was full. They never answered, their voicemail did not have details about the company such as hours, etc. My husband and I sent a text to the phone number with the details of our claim. After multiple texts to the phone number, we finally received a phone call back.

On the day of our appointment – Monday, 7/15 8-12 we get a call at 11:30 that he can’t make it until around 2:30. After he reviews our unit, he determines that he was just some cleaning, installs a trap, removes some water that had dripped f from the unit and $492 later is on his way. It doesn’t fall under the warranty. He tells my husband that it’s the hottest summer ever and if we can get our home 20 degrees lower than what it is outside, we are in good shape.

After a week of 80+ degrees inside my house, I began knocking on my neighbor's doors to see what it was like inside their house.

If it was the same as mine, then I would just let it go. But if it wasn’t then something was off. On Saturday, 7/20 I opened another claim after we hit 90 degrees in our house. That evening we hit 100 degrees.

We were told that another company would contact us with 48 hours. On Sunday, I called the company. They were closed but had their phone roll over to another number. I spoke with someone, they confirmed they would be by on Monday morning.

On Monday, she calls back, she can’t see my order. I look at my order online, it shows expired. I call HMS and it was reassigned. What?!

After several conversations back and forth the job is then assigned back to the original company…oh and there were no notes in the system as to why…they girl on the phone didn’t know why.

The company that came out was great. They did a lot of troubleshooting that the first company didn’t do. (I am not calling out the names of those two companies as this is about HMS) It was determined to be a “defrost switch board” that needed to be replaced. A part that could be picked up from a parts store if HMS would approve it.

The company called HMS to order it. I then called HMS to confirm they received the call. We all did this while the company was standing inside my doorway. To confirm that it happened Realtime.

YES, it did! Success. The company then went on to another job to allow for it to be authorized. I called HMS 1 hour later to see if they had been authorized.

Not yet. And again, an hour later – they showed they were authorized. I called the HVAC company back…they had not received the authorization yet. I called HMS back, they said that the company had to call them.

I called the company to tell them to call HVAC, so they did. The company was told that the part was ordered. The company called me back to tell me that they were told the part was ordered but not yet authorized. I called back, they said it was.

I did this again for another hour. We then did a three-way call in which the authorization department said they made an error and ordered the wrong part. After they ordered the right part, they then had to wait for authorization again. We then went around again to make sure they were approved to pick it up.

After several calls yet again, the company still had not received the email to go pick up the part. Instead, they received an email that they were going to be shipped the part in 8-14 days! So, I called back in, asked to speak to a supervisor. Was placed on hold by Michael…while on hold for 25+ minutes I used my other phone to call in and try to speak to a supervisor again.

I spoke with Roxanne who was never going to let me speak to a supervisor. I was extremely frustrated with her, she eventually hung up on me. I called back in, the young lady said she would get me a supervisor and placed me on hold. I had just hit the 35-minute mark with Johana the Case Management Supervisor came on the line.

She started out very abrupt and almost rude stating the policy and procedures. Her supervisor is Chris, he is also a supervisor, not a manager. When I asked if she could call the department to send the email to the company to get approval for the part she couldn’t. there was nothing she was willing to do to help or try to help.

She wasn’t even nice or friendly knowing that my house is 100 degrees. No empathy, no apology, nothing but “this is the policy, this is how it works, we may have messed up but it will be another 24-48 hours before the ticket will be viewed…etc., etc.” until I said, something like – “that’s fine, this call is also being recorded for quality purposes to be used for news channel 8-9-10 and every other news outlet I can find.” She then placed me on hold to see what she could do to assist. After several minutes on hold, she came back to inform me that the ticket was with the research team and that they were researching the part.

The parts store is now closed. I have taken an entire day off work.

I will now have to take another day off work, and I am still without AC. My problem is STILL NOT RESOLVED!

Do not get HMS Home Warranty Services. It’s a waste of your time. I could have contacted another company by now and had this fixed for less money, less stress, and less hassle.

Don’t forget that you pay a deductible for each company plus whatever that company decided to charge you. You pay your monthly/yearly rate and your time off work. They also take something from you each time you call them….a little piece of your dignity when you must talk to someone that doesn’t even have a care in the world about what you are going through. RUN!!!

*depending on how this turns out I may update this with the additional pictures and any videos/recordings of my final experience.

Or they will be shared with the BBB, Social Media etc. Companies like this should not exist to provide a service to customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hms Home Warranty Homeowners Policy Claim.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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