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The refrigerator was finally fixed- took over 2 months - $spent with eating out everyday and the frustration made it far less than a good experience but they did finish the job eventually- I would still have preferred to keep my $600 and just buy a new one than go through that again

Update by user Oct 18

today 10/18/19 there was supposed to be someone out to try to repair again- never showed and sounds like they haven't even figured out how they can make the parts they have work- what was ordered didn't fit - so now another appointment for 10/26 for them to look at it again to see if they think it can be fixed and then a few more trips to try to make it work is my guess- I honestly don't expect to have a working Fridge before thanksgiving at this point- I have never seen a company willing to spend what is obviously more than a replacement Fridge would have cost to try to fix one- I certainly wouldn't be investing in this company as their business model is very poor- they seem to think they will save $ by spending months to fix something - at any cost- rather than replace it - even if replacement is the cheaper route- poor product, poor customer service, poor contact information, poor conflict resolution- My advice- skip the home warranty or find a better company to get one with.

Original review posted by user Oct 18

I reported my refrigerator was not working on 8/24/19 - after 4 scheduled visits and 3 times showing up it's now 10/2/19 and it still doesn't work. They have authorized repairs that are approaching $1000 and I still have no functioning refrigerator and have to wait to try to repair again 10/10/19 - if that doesn't fix it I don't know what to do - I have spent more $ having to eat out every day that I'd been better off not having the warranty and had just saved the $500 for the policy and bought a new refrigerator. Almost impossible to reach anyone to help with the situation - website is very basic with no contact information other than to call the # you reported the issue at first and they never get back to you.

My advice - steer clear of this business - Oh and there is also $100 deductible so if you pay that first visit and they don't fix it for months you are either out an extra $100 and then buy a new appliance or you are stuck waiting months - so if I choose to get a new one because I'm tired of waiting it cost me $500 for the policy and another $100 because I bought that policy - so I'd rather have the $600 I'm out and have had a new refrigerator in a day or 2- F+ for the service they provide - couldn't imagine if it was a water heater or furnace that had been out this long...

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $600.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

HMS Home Warranty Cons: 2 months and no where close to having a working refrigerator.

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