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Our AC coil started leaking, ruining the subfloor and tiles I JUST put down. Called them and they sent one of their providers. Dumb and Dumber couldn't find a problem and it continued so called again. New service man found that the coil was leaking and the only way to fix it was to replace it (and of course you have to buy a matching condensor). To replace it, since it was so old, a new furnace would be needed. DENIED, due to pre-existing condition! WTF, I work in maintenace, no pre-existing condition. All our money was tied up in new vinyl siding so nothing was done.

Now our sewer is backing up. First call: we only cover the line to the main sewer not blockage. Then we receive the renewal offer where it says that they in fact cover blockage. SECOND call: no, we don't, you have what in your hand, let me talk to the supervisor...Ok we'll cover the blockage. Plumbers come out "you have a crack in your line to the main drain." Think they'll cover it??? They better! Find out tomorrow.

Oh, and we were told you can renew your insurance for $40 for the following year...what a load of BS! $20 a month!

I'm serious about starting a class action lawsuit. I live in KS and will be contacting our Attorney General and filing a complaint about them; and reporting the BS to the BBB! Time to unite and stick it to them!!!!

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I would definitely join. Over three weeks with no AC and no resolution in sight.

Been getting the run around for weeks and have been lied to many times. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. The customer service is useless and supervisors never call you back.

It's been super hot here so we had to buy window units just to make it semi comfortable in our house. They keep deleting my post along with other comments and posts that are negative off of their facebook page.


Is there a law suit pending? I am surprised it has not happened yet


I’d definitely like to join the class action lawsuit. HMS’ gross negligence has caused more damage than the original issue- a water leak which took them a week just to get a plumber to my house.

I live on the outskirts of Indianapolis, Indiana, which is the 15th largest U.S. city, yet they only have three (3) contracted plumbers?!? I spent 8 hours on the phone within that week, pleading with them to send someone out, notifying them that the leak was continuing to cause damage to my kitchen/wood floor. I asked them to note my account on each call that the damage is getting worse and I expect them to replace my floor because I pay them to protect my home and they did the exact opposite.

God only knows if there’s mold growing underneath the wooden boards. The initial plumber/contractor no showed twice. I asked 5 times for a manager and the company’s final response was that they’re not liable due to delays. Each representative that I spoke with used the term, your urgent issue/situation and I asked each of them how anyone in their right mind would consider waiting nearly an entire week to fix a leak is considered as properly handling an urgent issue/situation!

Anyway, I laughed and said this goes way beyond “delay”, this was absolute gross negligence on their part!!! This floor wasn’t even 3 years old & as a single mother on disability, I cannot afford to replace the floor (again) & I wouldn’t even need to if they had provided me with the service I pay them for; or at least tell me that they’re not going to handle it in a timely manner, so that I could take the $125 deductible that I would’ve paid them and I could’ve hired a local plumber to handle it before it caused the severity of damage that was caused.I’ve been with them for four (4) years, since purchasing my home and they nickel & dimed me for three (3) years regarding a faulty AC system, requiring numerous visits, thus numerous deductibles, a plethora of phone calls and an unknown amount of discussions with a manager begging them to do the right thing (even the contractor told me that I’d essentially paid to replace/“band-aid” everything possible & the root of the issue was (and always had been) the compressor. He went on to say that replacing the compressor costs nearlyas much as a new unit; hence the reason they kept band-aiding it. It took three (3) years for me to finally have AC!!!

(Which is why I continued to renew with them, because otherwise it would be a known pre-existing issue & therefore, not covered if I’d have chose & bought with a different home warranty company). Unfortunately, the aforementioned water leak issue happened less than two weeks before my renewal was due and they said if I didn’t renew, I would be billed the cost of the pending claim.They’re big bullies that ignore doing the right thing and are unable and unwilling to take accountability for their lack of action. Furthermore, they are indifferent about the undue anxiety and stress resulting from their in effectiveness & lackadaisical attitude.

I pray to God that enough of us “little folk” come together to fight the unfair and unjust treatment from HMS.Let me know how I can join this class action lawsuit &/or be instrumental in assisting with getting one started. Thanks so much.Contact me anytime,


Is there a law pending with HMS . I want to join, this company is a scam

to Joel 202 #1429643

Joel I agree with you, they are a scam. It takes forever to get anyone out here for an issue and even longer to be reimbursed on a claim. If there is a lawsuit I want in.

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #823822

My name is Darren and I also am Hms customer but I also used to be in Hms tech and all these people saying that they've never had a problem with Hms is lying, as techs , we are told to not replace anything and just try to put a Band-Aid on it and were told to deny as many claims as possible. These people don't want to pay out money for anything if possible and also, it isn't just up to the company it's up to the contractor that comes out to your house as well.

They have this certain amount they're allowed to spend through HMS, it's called their cost and if their cost goes up HMS will cut the contractors jobs back until their cost goes down. sometimes they turn their account off and not give them jobs at all forcing these contractors to cut corners, to deny people for no reason and not fix anything and just lie to you and tell you things are fixed just to get that co-pay. Now as a Hms customer, I guess what goes around comes around. I denied people and I got denied my first time using them.

so far I've reported them to the attorney general. This company is truly a bunch of *** maggots. And for all you people that gave good reviews, trust me, they will *** one day eventually they screw everyone. I worked for them, so I truly know what I'm talking about, and know their true colors.

Do not renew or by these policies. And if there is a class action lawsuit, I am truly the kind of guy you want on the stand I will crucify this company.

to HMS-******in Chesapeake, Virginia, United States #1341647

Darren, can you please contact me at I would like to use your expertise in a suit against HMS .

to HMS-******in #1349520

I'd love to be a part of the class action suit. This is the worst company ever.

I don't know how they stay in business. I just read the renewal letter and it said you're automatically signed up for auto renewal.

Are you kidding me? Please e-mail me at


My heat went out this January. HMS sent out a technician and they said it was fixed.

Came home that night to my heat pump burning and smoking. Had to call the fire dept. Technician came back out and condemned the unit. HMS basically told me that those technicians didn't know what they were doing.

So I asked why they would contract with a company that doesn't know what they are doing. The answer - "That's a good question." They refused to replace unit. Another company showed up ten days later and replaced all the major parts. Now my water heater is shot and they will only cover the cost of the water heater.

I decided that I have had enough of HMS and have contracted with a local plumbing company.

I still had to pay HMS's people $75.00 for just coming to the house. This company sucks.


I am in agreeance with all that HMS is the worst company in the world. I have been dealing with these guys for an A/C problem

for over a week and have been lied to about companies coming out and then they never show and I have been lied to, hung up on, told I would be called back and never called back.

The list goes on and on.

My email is if you need to contact me. I'm all about putting a lawsuit on these joke for a company...


Sounds to me like some of the more recent reviews were written by employees of HMS, got something simple fixed or haven't submitted a significant claim. Also interesting that all were written on the same day.

We had the same problem with an air conditioner (which by the way is their #1 consumer complaint). FOUR techs have come to our house, all saying that the unit needs to be replaced and HMS tells me that they have the last say and they won't do it. So no matter what is recommend by licensed professionals they'll still deny....because they can. They change the rules as they go to keep from having to pay. They'll even tell you that the warranty coverage details that you have may not be up to date and that only they have the most correct information. Unbelievable!

As far as web sites like this being magnets for negative people...well isn't the name Pissed Consumer? Kinda the point, right? The thing is you're not dealing with negative PEOPLE, you're reading about negative EXPERIENCES from crappy companies. Let us know how positive your experience is when your air goes out and you sit in a hot house for four months when they tell you they aren't going to fix it.

That being said I'm just as happy to report great companies as I am bad ones. This one is BAD. They are crooks and I would be more than happy to join a class action lawsuit.


We have used HMS on our last 3 homes and have had zero problems. If you read the fine print, file the claim properly, and stay in constant contact with your real estate agent, HMS will treat you fine.

If you expect the world then yeah, you will lose because that happens with anything you do in life. We like HMS and are amazed at the comments - guess we are the lucky high percent.


We are from Iowa and have never had a problem. These websites are just magnets for negative people.

If you really have a problem with HMS contact your Realtor - they know the contact information for the local reps in all areas. Our neighbors have HMS also and they always brag about how much they've gotten covered (new furnace, new a/c, new water heater) all wihtin one year.

to Satisfied Customer #1349527

My calls kept dropping. I thought it was my phone. No one ever called back.

to Anonymous #1349528

Sorry, comment above was meant for other post. Re: your post, I've been in my house for 20yrs, I no longer have a realtor, plus they didn't buy the warranty, I did.

This site is to share experiences. Not everyone is wrong. You can only speak from your exp. as I do ours.

We have nothing to gain to post negative false reports.

I personally have better things to do. Like sit closer to my fan as I've been without air for going on 12dys.


I have had HMS covering my home for nearly 10 years now - we keep renewing. Some of you seem to have those gray areas like are in a few insurance and warranty issues.

Overall; HMS Home Warranty is the best of all competitors and Missouri has great service contractors.


Our condensation pan and drain line for our AC coil started leaking, ruining the subfloor, tiles, and carpet I recently had install. Contacted HMS and they dispatched a provider.

Provider indicated the problem was the drain line and coil...and it needed to be replace. And since my current unit was so old they recommended replacing the entire unit because parts were unavailable.

DENIED, due to parts not covered by my plan...Say what, I was told my plan covers my furnace but not certain parts like my drain line or condensation pan. That's just absurd!!!!!


Our condensation pan and drain line for our AC coil started leaking, ruining the subfloor, tiles, and carpet I recently has install. Contacted HMS and they dispatched a provider.

Provider indicated the problem was the drain line and coil...and it needed to be replace. And since my current unit was so old they recommended replace the entire unit because parts were unavailable.

DENIED, due to parts not covered by my plan...Say what, I was told my plan covers my furnace but certain parts like my drain line or condensation pan. That's just absurd!!!!!


I agree. The service is awful.

The quality of the service company's that they use is appalling. I definitely won't be renewing my contract.


Hi - Does anyone have a soft copy of the warranty and what is covered? I had a problem very similar to Potomac Falls, VA and now am having other appliance issues and I can't get a straight answer on what exactly is covered.

They told me they would send me a copy, and seemed surprised I had never received one....

still no luck on getting one. I just dont want to get someone else out here to disassemble an appliance, have me pay them $100, then tell me it's not covered.....

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