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HMW HOme warranty - called when my heating unit is not warming up my house. They said all parts are "working".

When below freezing temperatures the unit ran nonstop and the warmest inside is 55 degrees. Theyre guarantee says if item is "unable to perform its designated function" it is repaired/replace. Im quite certain a heating unit that doesn't warm a 1000sf home above 55 degrees and an electric bill is $338 there's a problem.

Clearly a scam. I've called the company, emailed, and even sent a picture of 3 different units (condo development) side by side and when all 3 units are running mine is the only one without steam coming out the top and still has ice/snow covering the unit.

Review about: Hms Home Warranty Warranty.

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Has anyone tested the breaker in the Electric Panel? Sometimes one leg of a 220 breaker fails and the heating unit is recieving only 110v which will allow it to run, but not heat like it's supposed to.

If this hasn't been done, kill the main, pull the breaker and go have it tested - cheaper than an electrician. If the breaker is defective, a new one is only 40-70 bucks as opposed to $125 per hour plus parts and markup.


What did HMS do...pull one of their crooks, I mean, employees from their very busy schedule of denying claims to sit at the computer on 3-21 to try and "improve" their reputation. Wow, they're so *** they don't even know to scatter their deceit over several days.


We have HMS and have done so for about 6 months. Yes we had a contractor not able to fix our furnace so we complained to HMS and they assigned another company - they fixed problem and we are very happy. It seems that some of you are just conveying your own personal problems and blaming the world.

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