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Unfortunately I had a ac unit and a hot water heater go out on me two months after my policy became effective. HMS denied both claims stating some bs about they did not work properly before I took out my warranty.

Everything worked fine and these things just stopped working.

It says that they replace or fix no matter the age. I’ll be looking for a refund on the 400 of deductibles and premium dollars on Monday and well as calling them out every chance I get on social media.

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Dear AwareStagBeetle490, I regret to hear your claim experiences were not what you expected them to be, and the time you took to share this is much appreciated. As with all warranties, coverage is very detailed in the Agreement and there are some items/conditions that may not be covered.

Please send your full property address and/or claim number to

A member of my team will investigate your claims to ensure you are receiving the full benefit of your warranty agreement, and will call you personally to further address your concerns. Sincerely, Angela, Customer Relations