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After a long fight and being told nothing else I could do, I contacted the real estate company I purchased my home through and also got a hold of the person responsible for getting this agency connected to the real estate company. They reached out and then it happened I got a call and was told they have reconsidered and I would get a comparable dish washer.

This was a battle but well worth it. I should have never had to fight so hard for what was right.

Original review posted by user Aug 12

HMS is without a doubt the worst of the worst. I have been dealing with them for 3 weeks now and still they proceed to amaze me on their idea of fair is. Just bought a house and the dishwasher has never worked right, call and with a lot of trouble they have decided to replace my Whirlpool 6 cycle washer with a GE 5 Cycle with knobs to say the least, all are saying they replace things with comparable items, so not true. truth is they replace items with items that can perform the wash and dry part regardless of make model or functions, example we will give you a Toyota base model for a BMW fully loaded. Then if you do take the money it will cost you 100 for the install part and that will leave 200 for the new washer of your choice or you can pay and add to it to get the one close to what you have. I will attach the letter I wrote as well. So many issue's and not I'm not talking about the small stuff. Fair is fair and when asked is the decision subjective the Manager would not answer the question.

I would like to start off by saying we just purchased a new home and with it came your warranty for Home Repair and such.

Shortly after moving in we noticed the dishwasher was not working correctly and as a result we reached out to your company for repair. I received a vm message that said someone would be reaching out to me within the next 48 hrs. I should also receive a email with instructions for service.

Issue one: I did not receive this nor did anyone reach back out to me.

Then I called back and got a pre recorded option where I did get some information on who was doing the repair. I was told that on a Friday between 1 and 5 someone from the repair company would be out. I did however have to call and confirm appointment.

Issue two: Although I made several attempts no one picked up the phone and I got only a recording saying they were busy at this time and could not take my call, call back later ("you can not leave a message on this line, per recording").

I then call back to your company and could not find an option that would help me other than we sent you a link about you claim.

Issue three: I called back again and figured I would try saying representative to see if that got me to a person. If fact it did work. and the person was kind and after I explained this issue to him he said no problem we will assign a different company to come out and he gave me the number. I then called that number and got someone who set the appointment and confirmed it. They came out and the repair man said it was going to be around 800 to fix and that did not include labor, so they will be wanting to just replace it more than likely. He said he would get the information in and it should be sent over to you all within a few days and I should be getting a call. He also explained that they do not do installs so the people putting it in will probably be someone else.

I waited and then reached out and was told that he would put me through to the people who would be doing the repair. I was on hold with sears appliance repair services for 20 mins to be told that they had no idea on any repairs for me.

Issue Four: I called back to be told that according to the notes I have to get a message and respond saying I wanted the washer or the money instead to move forward and that he was going to send a message seeing what the hold up was because your system showed all notes had been made. He went over everything and we found that per the repairs man that was at my home saying it was a 6 cycle and me seeing the front on my dish washer showing and saying it is a 6 cycle that the notes were wrong in your system. He then informed me he would make the notes so that when the comparison was done they would do a six cycle and a 5 cycle.

I called back because I had not heard anything on the comparison and was they just got it the day before and was in process please allow 1 to 5 days. I then said ok...

Now it's Saturday 8/10 and I get a email saying that I could take $390 or Dishwasher Model GSD3360KSS, I looked up this and now

Issue Five: The dish washer I have is a Whirlpool and when new was rated 4.5 out of 5. This replacement is rated 3 out of 5.

The dish washer I have is a 6 cycle and the replacement is a 5 cycle. This is not acceptable

The dish washer I have is all push button. The suggested replacement is *** and some push button options.

This is clearly not comparable in many ways. I have already had to come to the understanding I am not getting a whirlpool, where as it is clear the GE brand is not as good as the whirlpool but to give me 5 cycles and knobs as well when mine is a 6 cycle and push button control this is not comparable and is very subjective to whom ever is doing the research. I would challenge the person that did this and say he or she did not research nor did they correctly suggest comparable unit to me. Your service is not free and I paid for it. I have had nothing but issues through this entire process and I am reaching out to you to ask that you make this right.

I have replied to the email with the approval of the dishwasher recommended but after I did the research on it and found the above given information. Yes if you do nothing and this is my only option I will take it, However social media, news stations and other media relations will hear about this including the BBB, Not limited to a discussion with potentially a attorney . Keep in mind I don't want to go this direction and nor am I threating the company. I am just asking for this to be made right. Oh yea I am a "VET" and the VA would be another option as well for me and that is an corporate account. I am just the type of person to work off of ethics and doing what is right and considering all that I have gone through this needs to be made right.

This should be sent to Management at all levels, I would love to give your company in the future ways to improve your level of customer service. Fee free to reach out to me. I have had your own people tell me that upper level management never hears these issues and most are ignored and hidden under the rug, so please prove your own employee wrong and re assure me the quality of this company.

I was told at the end that I would not have a choice if I didn't take it within the 15 days and so I had no choice but to take a cheap dishwasher to replace the one I have. I will never use them again and will let the world know what a cheap, rip off, scam of a company HMS is really. They will only tell you it is your choice to take the money or take what they offer, the choice is mine... so mad and sad I would love to get a class action law suite against them, they are scamming people...…

Product or Service Mentioned: Hms Home Warranty Warranty.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

HMS Home Warranty Pros: Idea of warranty convenience & replacement of aged appliances.

HMS Home Warranty Cons: Worthless warranty coverage, Warranty replacement is a rip off.

  • Warranty Cannot Be Trusted
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