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I purchased my policy in March 2018. When I purchased my policy I was informed that I would be able to use my service provider for any issues that I may have.

A few months into the policy I called my AC guy because it was freezing up. He came out and found a leak in the coils. He did not fix the problem due to waiting to hear back from HMS. I immediately called HMS and was told I could not use anyone other than who they provide.

I was stuck with paying my AC guy. A few days later HMS sent Goghzart AC. I researched this company online and found little to nothing. When he arrived he was very unprofessional and in a tiny car.

He took little to no time to find the issue, took lots of pictures and said we needed to take some of the filters of the AC. We told him that there was a leak and he said he couldn't find one and that since my AC filled it with free-on there was nothing he could do. After a while HMS informed me that we had voided our warranty because the AC was dirty and was not maintenanced and it should be. My AC just checked it and it was clean 3 days prior.

I called HMS several times to check the status and was told different stores each time I called. One being he cleaned AC, one time he filled it with free-on, always something different. This man was clearly not an AC guy, he got his 100.00 and was happy with no intent or intentions on finding the leak. HMS was willing to send someone else to look at the AC but I would be responsible for paying another deductible.

Finally, I was at my wits end with HMS, I wrote a review online and days later a lady by the name of AManda emailed me and was going to do an investigation. Days later a supervisor called me and explained that they would be willing to send someone out and not charge a deductible to wait until we started having the same problem. Over 5 or 6 months we had problems with the AC freezing up, gradually. About a month ago, our AC started freezing up with in 5 minutes after turning it on.

I started Calling HMS, after numerous times of being on hold for over 1 hour they told me they would send Quality AC out but they would call and schedule and appt. I never heard from them. I happen to find an email with the time and date they would be out. On the next business day I called Quality and was informed they no longer do business with HMS.

They have repeated asked HMS to stop trying to sending them work orders. After trying to get a hold of HMS and being on hold for several hours and waiting several days to find a company to work on our AC they called me back. I personally called this AC company to verify the appt, make sure they weren't expecting a deductible and to enlighten them on the issue of a leaking AC coil. The receptionist was very professional, She advised that a tech would be out between 1 & 3.

He would call first. About 1:30 I received a text message "tech in route". Apparently my phone did not have a good reception so therefore I missed the call. About 2:45 I called and was told they tried to call and didn't send anyone out due to no answer.

Finally about 3:45 tech showed up. He stated that he wished he knew this was an AC call and there was nothing really that he could do because it wasn't above 75. Within 5 minutes he found a leak in the coils like the my AC found. Finally receieved a call from a supervisor and advised the company was looking for a coil.

I advised it had to be fixed by a certain date due to prior engagements in our home. We have not had AC in a month, per say and our Entergy bills have been through the roof for 5 or 6 months since the initial time they sent their AC tech. I asked about what they were going to do with high bills since this should have been resolved immediately if they would have used someone competent. I was informed my warranty doesn't cover utility bills.

I explained I understood this but this was clearly their issue. Alma 1002036 supervisor was rude and very short and unprofessional. She showed no concern or willingness to work with me.

Would not recommend this company to anyone. RIP OFF...

Review about: Hms Home Warranty Homeowners Policy Claim.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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